Wealth Watchers Budget Tracker App Reviews

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Great tracking app!

My husband and I spent $12,000 less in one year after tracking our spending. As an FYI I'm biased when it comes to this app because I created the Wealth Watchers system. This app isn't perfect but it's a great tool if you want to stay within a certain spending and saving range. If you have a job where your income changes each month it's not going to be easy to create a daily disposable income (DDI) goal but you can still track your spending. What I learned from tracking is that you don't know what to change if you don't know what you're doing wrong. I'm also a fan of this app because it allows you to track all types of spending unlike apps that are tied to your credit or debit card. And this app doesn't require anyone to give up any personal info. Hope you like it as much as I do! Alice

Very useful app

Great app, however it crashes upon opening since latest update.

Please Fix App

It is a great idea half baked. The app does not allow you to track new expenses. The app does not save your added category!!!! Please fix. iOS 6.1.4 iPhone 5, and iPad Mini same iOS. Neither work!

I-phone/I-Pad discrepancies

This app seems great. I first downloaded it on my I-phone and it seems to be working great there. Then I downloaded it on my I-Pad for bigger screen use and there are problems. On the I-Pad, none of the expense categories show up under the "Track" tab and the app won't let me add any. So, for me the I-Pad version isn't working correctly. Guess I'll use the I-phone only version. Too bad, as this app seems great!

App doesn't work

The app used to work and it crashed. I downloaded again and all my data got erased and now u can't even add categories. Fix it, please!

What's happening?

For one year i used this app perfectly and suddenly it crashed when i tried to delete a category, i lost all my datas by trying to retrieve the app. And now it's impossible to add a category or a price... Besides for the DDI, it's totally unusefull now... Too bad... Can you fix it quickly please?

Goes well with the book but...

I can't add categories or spending which kind of makes the app pointless past fund your DDI


A person should be able to add their own folders, categories in each folder, etc. Second many tweaks need to be made to improve user experience. I

Could use a few enhancements

The app does what it says but a major drawback for me was that it lacks password protection. A lot of private information is easily available to anyone picking up my iPod. For example, just by browsing the app's home screen my monthly salary is displayed in the first line. Password protection please.

FIX IT!!!!

It crashes everytime I delete an expense!!!!! please fix cause I love this app!!!!!

Good idea

App crashes every time I click "track". Other than that I think it's helpful


I dont see how you can give such a low rating on this app....i think this app is great if you give this app a 1 you must be lazy and terrible with money or dont care...this is perfect and just what i need. it makes it easy to use and help me budget my money appropriately...contradictory to what others think about this program i think it can help others and its rating is much better than a 2 and a half. and if it isnt give a good reason if you even can give a quality response...

I love it.

I'm very non-technical and I was able to figure this out and create a daily goal for how much money I can spend. I love that the program tells me how much I'm on track to save by the end of the year if I stay under budget. It inspires me to be careful about how I spend my money.

Everyone should try this App, it works!

Great system, helps keep track of every cent, has options for things I didn't even think of. I wound highly recommend at least trying it, afterall it's free.

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